2D-Digital Animation
The salmon want to reproduce.
While the salmon men are swimming upstream in a testosterone-driven race, the women at the source of the river indulge themselves in a fertility dance. But the roles aren’t set as clearly as the men expect.
Coming soon: after two years production time «Salmon Men» is finally about to be released.
It is the first animated short, the directing team of «Eisprung» created together, produced by YK Animation Studio.
Stay posted about any news about the salmon men and find out more about YK Animation Studio below:

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• Best Swiss Newcomer 2020 | Locarno Film Festival
• Best Swiss Short Film 2020 | Gässli Film Festival


• Locarno Film Festival
• Gässli Film Festival
• Fantoche
• Canlandiranlar Istanbul
• Balkanima European Animation Film Festival
• Kuandu International Animation Festival
• Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
• Leeds International Film Festival
• Alcine
• Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival SICAF
• A film by - Eisprung
• Production - YK Animation Studio
• Producer - Lukas Pulver
• Design - Veronica L. Montaño
• Supervisor Layout - Lorenz Wunderle
• Layout - Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann, Sarah Rothenberger
• Supervisor Animation - Manuela Leuenberger
• Animation - Manuela Leuenberger, Joel Hofmann, Joana Locher, Etienne Mory, Sarah Rothenberger
• Coloring & Backgrounds - Veronica L. Montaño
• Compositing - Lukas Pulver, Joel Hofmann, Manueala Leuenberger
• Music - Jan Galega Brönnimann
• Sounddesign - Noisy Neighbours / Etienne Kompis, Thomas Gassmann
• Supported by - BAK, Berner Filmförderung, SRG SSR, Albert Koechlin Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, Gemeinde Emmen, FUKA Fonds


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